Customer Testimonials

Since using Qnary, the quality of my online presence and posts has improved significantly. I have worked with them through several organizations, and they have done a great job working with not only myself but many other executives I've known. They take the work and time out of building a social media presence which is very challenging to do properly myself from a time management perspective. Huge for freeing up time to focus on my most pressing matters.

Michael M.Partner, Media and Entertainment

Qnary makes managing my social media engagement, simple and efficient with a secure application that enables approval and feedback to the Qnary team. Managing social media engagement is a ton of work and it is difficult takes up far to much time for business executives to prioritize. Social media engagement has become one of the most important metrics used in assessing someone’s personal brand and business effectiveness. Today we live in a connected world where personal influence and ability to communicate matter in almost every career.

Christina D.Executive

The team is very attentive to customer feedback and expectations, makes a concerted effort to personalize content and position users as unique thought leaders in their respective spaces, and is intentional with mapping out content strategy and strategy to hit KPIs. I originally met a few Qnary members at a startup event and they’ve grown tremendously over the years into leaders in the category of executive thought leadership, and have built a solution that is very effective.

Bob L.IBM Senior Vice President, Weather Company and Alliances

Qnary is a very easy-to-use solution to manage my LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Qnary has consistently written excellent content in English and Spanish. Friendly and attentive account management. Pretty straightforward service; I am overall happy.

Marc C.Global HR Operations & Labour Relations Manager Enterprise

Managing social media presence can be difficult and time consuming but Qnary has helped immensely with this, it has saved me tons of time and I have achieved better results. On top of that their platform is really self explanatory and easy to use!

Ana T.Graphic Designer

The team is simply outstanding and works with you to amplify your personal brand mapped to agreed KPIs and metrics.

Monique Jeanne M.Special Coach

Qnary has been a game changer for me simply from a time management perspective. Understanding that social media has become a core driver of new connections and business outreach it was a goal of mine to increase the amount of content and postings online. Little did I know just how much work, research and time it took to create quality, curated posts that would appeal to my audience, Qnary stepped in and has been instrumental in assisting with this area of my business and I've seen the overall ROI increasing monthly. As I continue to build more businesses I can clearly see a path with Qnary to supercharge growth through strategic executive postings. Can't say enough about the Qnary team! If you're looking for free up time to focus on your most important matters, this is a great start.

Bryson R.Founder & CEO, The Cooperative LA | YPO Member | Future of Construction & Real Estate