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Executive Social Media Growth Solutions



Executive Social Media Growth Solutions



Qnary Workforce Advocacy Solutions

Holistic and Modular

Our solutions aim to be as holistic or as modular in structure as our clients’ demand. When we started Qnary, we focused on advocacy solutions for senior executives. The vast majority of our clients were C-Suite executives and our Qnary solution focused on custom social media content. Our Ambassador Package still caters to senior clients. Since our inception, we have expanded our enterprise activities and deliver broader workforce advocacy solutions.  Get your free online presence analysis to learn how we can help you and your organization.


Our solution for a single executive or a group of ten. The package offers access to the platform, content and growth. More specifically, a Qnary Ambassador receives:

  • Use of Platform and Mobile Application

  • Custom content (8 weekly social posts, 1 quarterly blog, 1 quarterly video)

  • Custom filters (Set-up 5 RSS feeds and 3 topic based feeds)

  • Account management and measurement (monthly calls and daily Q&A availability)

  • Audience growth and engagement (paid media/organic automated tactics)


We now offer a much more comprehensive advocacy solution for the entire enterprise workforce. The Enterprise Package has three levels of content and growth as well as varying access to all aspects of the technology

Qnary +

Qnary+ is a natural extension of Qnary’s core workforce advocacy solution.

Qnary+ supports executives and enterprises to amplify their message by coupling their digital advocacy efforts with media relations, speaking opportunities and events, internal communications and community building.