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Qnary January Newsletter

Announcements   We are honored to announce that Qnary made the 2018 Entrepreneur 360 List! To learn more about this honor, please feel free to click here:  https://www.entrepreneur.com/company/qnary-holdings-inc

We are honored to announce that Qnary made the 2018 Entrepreneur 360 List! To learn more about this honor, please feel free to click here: https://www.entrepreneur.com/company/qnary-holdings-inc

Happy New Year! In looking back at 2018, we are able to celebrate and share some new best practices to help plan for a successful 2019 full of growth.

Best Practices
During the holiday season, we sent a selection of Thanksgiving and Holiday posts (which we call “appreciposts”) for you to tag your contacts and connections. This is a way to appreciate those people you are thankful for.  Posts that show appreciation and bring your contacts to your profile did exceptionally well.

If you are interested in highly engaging visual content, consider migrating from quarterly blogs to monthly Thought Leadership Cards. These are images that feature a quote from you (or someone you admire) or an interesting statistic that get higher than average engagement. 

If you're interested in learning and discussing further, please reach out to your CSM.



New Qnary Whitepaper: The Changing Face of Executive Reputation

In this white paper from Qnary and the BE Center for Global Communications (a shared initiative between Emerson College and The Blanquerna School of Communications), we assert that the digital reputations of key executives should no longer be seen as mere window-dressing. Instead, they should be considered as essential company assets that can be leveraged as part of a powerful and communicative business practice: one that has the potential to reach diverse groups in important, engaging ways.



Qnary Career Opportunity: Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager

HI! WE ARE QNARY. We empower the voice of professionals and industry leaders. We work directly with Fortune 1000 and startup leaders across a variety of industries, including marketing, media, technology, advertising, law, finance, corporate sustainability, art and more. We deliver our solution globally via the Qnary SaaS app in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Clients come to us to become digital influencers in their industry—from growing target audiences on social channels, creating smart and savvy social content from tweets to blogs, to building personal websites. The objective is to grow their personal brands to help better reflect themselves and their organizations. We have developed an app to help clients do this easily and work to evolve our SaaS model forward.

We are offering a unique hybrid role to both manage and interact directly with clients, as well as to manage and oversee the content being developed for their social channels.

This role is unique as it offers you direct access into the minds of some of the top leaders in a variety of industries. Beyond growing your skills and fluency in client success, social media, SaaS, and copy editing you will also gain an unparalleled window into the minds of today’s top leaders and entrepreneurs.

Who You Are:

  • A fantastic trifecta of content curator, social media expert, and client success manager who loves building strong content, relationships, and expanding our clients’ opportunities.

  • You love learning about new topics and industries and looking for ways to increase the 3 R’s (relationships, reach & revenue).

  • You have a great eye for detail, are fluent in social media, and are interested in new social apps and SaaS technology.

  • You are proactive. We are a startup and are looking for people with “can do” attitudes that have a sense of ownership and urgency and interested in expanding client relationships and revenue (up-selling).

About the role:

  • Work with high-level and high-expectation clients to create bespoke social media presence and content.

  • Collaborate with marketing, PR and advertising campaigns, and research top influencers, competitors, and trends in clients' industries.

  • Onboard and manage clients using our proprietary SaaS technology. Share new feature updates and provide ongoing engagement and training.

  • Monitor sites for client growth opportunities.

  • Analyze and report social media actions on a monthly basis for successes and new opportunities.

  • Stay current with social media trends and tools – includes attending networking and educational events.


  • 2-5 years of experience in a client facing role at SaaS or social media platform.

  • Experience including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Understanding of social media analytics and paid media is a plus.

  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills in English.

  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment. Must be reliable with deadlines, proactivity, and projects.

  • Exceptional time management skills including the ability to handle multiple clients with changing priorities.

 If you are enthusiastic about the role and opportunity, please reach out! Please contact us here.


Cybersecurity Monitoring added to Qnary Executive & Workforce Advocacy Platform


Cybersecurity Monitoring added to Qnary Executive & Workforce Advocacy Platform

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.55.09 AM.png

We Qnaries have always focused on providing enterprises everything they need to help their executives and teams optimize, manage, and amplify their online presence the right way.

Strategically building out social media profiles, establishing thought leadership and growing targeted audience and reach are all integral parts of developing a social media presence. But what happens when you turn that attention tap on? There are of course two sides to the coin of growing your influence. You are, of course, garnering attention of your target audience but you are also increasing your exposure. And while we continue to build the most robust enterprise social media technology platform, we understand the importance of monitoring privacy and security threats. That’s why we're excited to announce that Qnary now offers digital threat intelligence and monitoring platform.

Introducing Qnary’s partnership with Telefonica's Identity Threat Intelligence platform. In addition to providing our clients with everything they need to develop a positive digital presence, we now provide 360 degree digital identity threat monitoring for all Qnary clients. Through this partnership, our proprietary technology now monitors all social media and digital news postings as well as activity on the dark web for identity threats from data breaches, hacks, and accidental data leaks.

Partnering with Telefonica’s identity focused Cyber Intelligence Platform, Qnary can continue to focus on enhancing the capabilities of our workforce advocacy technology solution while providing best-in-class digital identity monitoring and protection.

In the era of fake news, bots, data breaches, and hackers who seem to be lurking around every browser, protection has never been more important and harder to achieve for the average digital user. In fact over 47% of consumers in the US have had their personal information exposed by hackers, which has lead to $16B in consumer losses in 2017 alone.  With Telefonica, we can now guard all of our clients’ presences in a seamless and effective manner, meaning we can guard as we grow.

Through Qnary 360, all Qnary clients have digital identity protection and can rest easy in the knowledge that they are growing their thought leadership and influence while being protected from identity threats, bad actors, and fraud. We will continue to build and integrate best in class technologies to provide our clients everything they need to manage their digital presences so they can focus on building their business and accelerating their careers.


Qnary & Slack - Social Sharing @ Work


Qnary & Slack - Social Sharing @ Work


At Qnary, we understand the importance of collaboration and connection with your coworkers.  We are passionate about empowering the voice of all professionals and supporting . That’s why today we are announcing our latest API Integration with Slack, the popular office messaging and collaboration tool that is being used by over 43% of Fortune 100 companies.  This release will allow all Qnary clients to share their social activity with relevant team members via Slack, expanding distribution and enhancing employee engagement. Important corporate news and thought leadership will now be easier to find and share.

This release is just the first step to fully integrating Qnary into the products that our clients are using and we are already working on integrations for other communications tools like Yammer and HipChat. In future iterations, we will deliver more interactive functionality for Qnary clients using Slack and other communications and CMS tools.

To activate Qnary within your Slack Workspace contact your admin. If you are not a client but would like to learn more contact us here.