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Qnary Career Opportunity: Client Success Manager

Client Success Manager

HI! WE ARE QNARY. We empower the voice of professionals and industry leaders. We work directly with Fortune 1000 and startup leaders across a variety of industries, including marketing, media, technology, advertising, law, finance, corporate sustainability, art and more. We deliver our solution globally via the Qnary SaaS app in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Clients come to us to become digital influencers in their industry—from growing target audiences on social channels, to creating smart and savvy social content from tweets to blogs, to building personal websites. The objective is to grow their personal brands to help better reflect themselves and their organizations. We have developed an app to help clients do this easily and work to evolve our SaaS model forward.

We are offering a unique hybrid role to both manage and interact directly with clients, as well as to manage and oversee the content being developed for their social channels.

This role is unique as it offers you direct access into the minds of some of the top leaders in a variety of industries. Beyond growing your skills and fluency in client success, social media, SaaS, and copy editing you will also gain an unparalleled window into the minds of today’s top leaders and entrepreneurs.

Who You Are:

  • A fantastic trifecta of content curator, social media expert, and client success manager who loves building strong content, relationships, and expanding our clients’ opportunities.

  • You love learning about new topics and industries and looking for ways to increase the 3 R’s (relationships, reach & revenue).

  • You have a great eye for detail, are fluent in social media, and are interested in new social apps and SaaS technology.

  • You are proactive. We are a startup and are looking for people with “can do” attitudes that have a sense of ownership and urgency and interested in expanding client relationships and revenue (upselling).

  • You are interested in technology. You will work with clients through our proprietary reputation growth platform and corresponding mobile app.

More About the Role

 Responsibilities include:

  • Work with high-level and high-expectation clients to create bespoke social media presence and content.

  • Collaborate with marketing, PR and advertising campaigns, and research top influencers, competitors, and trends in clients' industries.

  • Onboard and manage clients using our proprietary SaaS technology. Share new feature updates and provide ongoing engagement and training.

  • Monitor sites for client growth opportunities.

  • Analyze and report social media actions on a monthly basis for successes and new opportunities.

  • Stay current with social media trends and tools – includes attending networking and educational events.

  • Continue to refine and define our social marketing process.

Preferred experience:

  • 2-5 years of experience in a client facing role at SaaS or social media platform.

  • Experience including but not limited to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Understanding of social media analytics and paid media is a plus.

  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment. Must be reliable with deadlines, proactivity, and projects.

  • Exceptional time management skills including the ability to handle multiple clients with changing priorities.

 Sound Interesting? Please contact us here.


Cybersecurity Monitoring added to Qnary Executive & Workforce Advocacy Platform


Cybersecurity Monitoring added to Qnary Executive & Workforce Advocacy Platform

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 9.55.09 AM.png

We Qnaries have always focused on providing enterprises everything they need to help their executives and teams optimize, manage, and amplify their online presence the right way.

Strategically building out social media profiles, establishing thought leadership and growing targeted audience and reach are all integral parts of developing a social media presence. But what happens when you turn that attention tap on? There are of course two sides to the coin of growing your influence. You are, of course, garnering attention of your target audience but you are also increasing your exposure. And while we continue to build the most robust enterprise social media technology platform, we understand the importance of monitoring privacy and security threats. That’s why we're excited to announce that Qnary now offers digital threat intelligence and monitoring platform.

Introducing Qnary’s partnership with Telefonica's Identity Threat Intelligence platform. In addition to providing our clients with everything they need to develop a positive digital presence, we now provide 360 degree digital identity threat monitoring for all Qnary clients. Through this partnership, our proprietary technology now monitors all social media and digital news postings as well as activity on the dark web for identity threats from data breaches, hacks, and accidental data leaks.

Partnering with Telefonica’s identity focused Cyber Intelligence Platform, Qnary can continue to focus on enhancing the capabilities of our workforce advocacy technology solution while providing best-in-class digital identity monitoring and protection.

In the era of fake news, bots, data breaches, and hackers who seem to be lurking around every browser, protection has never been more important and harder to achieve for the average digital user. In fact over 47% of consumers in the US have had their personal information exposed by hackers, which has lead to $16B in consumer losses in 2017 alone.  With Telefonica, we can now guard all of our clients’ presences in a seamless and effective manner, meaning we can guard as we grow.

Through Qnary 360, all Qnary clients have digital identity protection and can rest easy in the knowledge that they are growing their thought leadership and influence while being protected from identity threats, bad actors, and fraud. We will continue to build and integrate best in class technologies to provide our clients everything they need to manage their digital presences so they can focus on building their business and accelerating their careers.


Qnary & Slack - Social Sharing @ Work


Qnary & Slack - Social Sharing @ Work


At Qnary, we understand the importance of collaboration and connection with your coworkers.  We are passionate about empowering the voice of all professionals and supporting . That’s why today we are announcing our latest API Integration with Slack, the popular office messaging and collaboration tool that is being used by over 43% of Fortune 100 companies.  This release will allow all Qnary clients to share their social activity with relevant team members via Slack, expanding distribution and enhancing employee engagement. Important corporate news and thought leadership will now be easier to find and share.

This release is just the first step to fully integrating Qnary into the products that our clients are using and we are already working on integrations for other communications tools like Yammer and HipChat. In future iterations, we will deliver more interactive functionality for Qnary clients using Slack and other communications and CMS tools.

To activate Qnary within your Slack Workspace contact your admin. If you are not a client but would like to learn more contact us here.


Instagram TV Has Arrived-- What You Need to Know


Instagram TV Has Arrived-- What You Need to Know

Remember when brands and agencies shouted about how mobile is the second screen? When the image of families on the couch watching TV together transformed into families on the couch together watching TV together and scrolling through their smartphones? But then, twist!, the idea of families sitting on the couch together watching TV suddenly seemed as black-and-white and antiquated as those old-timey illustrations of little Bobby and Jane sitting on the carpet listening to radio serials, while dad read the newspaper and mom was… where was mom anyway?

Times have changed, and keep changing. Mobile is the first screen. The micro-influencer is the new A-list celebrity. The future is female. And what your friends’ document and share is your nightly news.

Enter IGTV

What Is It:

See that new little orange TV icon on the top right corner of your Instagram page? That’s IGTV. Turn it on and IGTV shows created by your friends who are creators, or influencers who share your interests will automatically start playing. Each show can be up to an hour in length. You can interact with the show, and with the people watching the show through Likes, Comments, or Direct Message.

Who can create content for IGTV?

Anyone. All you have to do is upload your own IGTV video to the app to start your own channel at any time. Your shows are served to your friends and to people who share your interests.

How To Use It:

Just as simple as turning on the TV, “IGTV” turns on as soon as you open the app by clicking the new IGTV icon right next to your DM, or you can download the IGTV app. All videos should be shot vertical, as it’s the way you naturally use your phone. Videos can be up to an hour in length.

Shows that have been created by people you already follow, and people who are relevant to your interests, will start playing automatically. You can swipe to discover more content creator channels and you can toggle between content that is “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” 

Why We Like It: 

Here at Qnary we are focused on empowering the voice of the professional. We work with business leaders to help them tell their professional story, and often to tell the story of their business or organization. IGTV is another vehicle to storytell to an interested audience. 

In today’s world, anyone can be a content creator; this of course takes time and resources, but it can be well worth it to promote your message. Instagram is made to visually tell individual stories both personally and professionally, and IGTV is an extension of this.

People are looking and expecting more authentic and “behind-the-scenes” content of people, brands, or organizations they are interested in. Content that feels authentic, transparent and real is critical. IGTV is another vehicle to help people connect with targeted and relevant audiences.

Interested in learning more? Contact us


Huge Qnary Product Update: Automagical Topic Feeds

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Huge Qnary Product Update: Automagical Topic Feeds

The Qnary product team has been hard at work developing new features and improving functionality for all users. We have recently rolled out publishing, reporting, and Groups along with new features for content creators and to help with workflow.

Today, we are excited to tell the world that we can now deliver even better automated topic-based news feeds for our users and content creators. This means that every Qnary user will have an always updated feed of the latest and greatest related to their interests. It also means that content creators will have access to the latest, most relevant, and most shared content for their clients based on their specific strategies.  Win freaking Win.

So how does it work?

Qnary has always delivered a news feed to our users but previously it was connected to specific sources, which our users loved. We felt there was an opportunity to enhance that feed which lead us to develop topic based feeds.

These feeds are set up based on the content topics which each user is focused. Once the feeds are created, the system monitors those topics in social media. Then we take it a step further. We don't want to bombard our users with everything being shared related to their topics, we only want to show them the best stuff. To do that, we analyze the data and only show the most shared content from the most influential and reputable sources. This ensures our users are able to stay abreast of tending news while eliminating the noise they would normally encounter when consuming on traditional social media networks.

In addition to delivering the feeds, we have also built streamlined sharing functionality. It's now significantly easier for our users to share directly to their social channels or to send a message to their admin to create content for them to share.

Discovery and Sharing via Qnary.png

Not only is the new sharing functionality easier to use but since we are publishing through our publishing platform we are able to see the engagement and interactions it is receiving. This allows to provide even better reporting and deliver smarter insights and recommendations.

How do you get to see this amazing new version in action?

Simply fly over to the App Store or Google Play to download the latest version, which also includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements to improve UX and functionality. 

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Qnary's 2017 Professional Digital Presence Study Highlights


Qnary's 2017 Professional Digital Presence Study Highlights

Bant Breen, Qnary's CEO and Founder, shares results from Qnary's 2017 "Professional Digital Presence Study." The study surveyed professionals from around the world to see how corporate leaders view the importance and need to manage their digital presence online. 

Stay tuned, the full white paper with complete findings will be released in November.


Initial Insights from Qnary's Executive Digital Presence Study


Initial Insights from Qnary's Executive Digital Presence Study

Qnary's 2017 Professional Digital Presence Study

When we started Qnary six years ago it was hard to convince executives that their online activities mattered to their professional success and advancement. Many seemed quite comfortable to focus all content and effort behind their corporate brand.  

Wow, how times have changed. Fast-forward to today and executives from big Fortune 500 companies to accelerated growth SMB's clearly realize that what they do on social media and digital media matters.

The results are in from Qnary's 2017 Professional Digital Presence Study and the corporate world is fully awake to the importance and need to manage, optimize and expand their empowered executive voices.

Executives appear to look up to and view positively those professionals that have strong social media presence. Over 73% answered positively when asked how they view senior leaders that have an active professional social media presence.

How do you view senior leader peers who have an active professional social media presence?


The term “thought-leadership” may be overused today but executives appear to be striving aggressively to share and convey their expertise. Joe Kurtzman, editor of "Strategy & Business," coined the term thought-leader back in 1994 for giving accolades to subject matter experts by positioning them as authorities. In Qnary's 2017 study a staggering 87% of professionals surveyed viewed that it is important to very important that they are seen as an industry thought leader in their field.

Do you think it’s important to be seen as an industry thought leader in your field?



Perhaps in the same way one might check out a prospective online blind date, professionals look one another up online. Over 90% of those surveyed stated that they look other executives up to review their backgrounds. Certainly a huge part of this searching is related to recruitment of employees. A part of this activity also appears to be reviewing whether executives are credible. The perception appears to be that if they don't have a robust online presence they are not an active or relevant executive.  

Do you look other executives up online to review their background?


Executives appear to be aware that they need to have an active social media profile to grow their career prospects. A healthy 63% stated that an active professional presence can help their careers.

Do you think having an active professional presence on social media can help your career?


Interestingly there appears to be less worry associated with being active online by professionals. Over 87% of respondents were only somewhat worried to not at all worried about cyber security. And when asked about PR crisis, people did not seem worried. Also, 87% were only somewhat worried to not at all worried about a possible PR crisis. This lack of fear may be related to the confidence that executives are now having online or the lack of understanding of the true PR and cyber security risks.

Are you worried about your cyber security when participating online?


Are you worried about a possible PR crisis for your business when you or your employees are participating online?


No matter what, it is clear that 2017 is a watershed year for professional activity online and 2018 promises to be a banner year as well. Over 75% of professions were likely to very likely to use social media more professionally over the next year.   

Will you use social media more professionally over the next year?


The study results point clearly to the interest and desire of professionals to increase their digital media presences. Professionals provide such a powerful new dimension to the storytelling of their enterprises and brands. And executive content cuts through. People want to hear from people about what they are doing and thinking and planning. Please reach out for a copy of the complete study that will be issued out in Mid-October.   


Qnary Product Update: Groups are now a thing


Qnary Product Update: Groups are now a thing

The Qnary dev team continues to push forward with amazing new features. Last month we rolled out publishing for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which is AWESOME. We actually held off on announcing to not take attention away from the Phish Baker's Dozen run. We are fans and would have felt bad if all of the world's attention was on Qnary's publishing technology. Anyway, the Qnary platform now manages the entire content process from creation and editing to scheduling and publishing. This also means we will be able to capture advanced metrics and analytics for all of the content being shared through our platform. Now that the run is over we feel comfortable telling the world about latest release, Qnary Groups.

The Heck is Qnary Groups?

It's just our latest amazing feature on the Qnary platform. Group management provides the functionality and flexibility to activate small teams, large teams, even an entire organization. Not only does it move us closer to a fully realized Enterprise solution, it also delivers a much more flexible and scalable solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes. So now you are saying to yourself, this sounds amazing but what does this mean?

Groups allows teams to deliver and receive content seamlessly

Instead of one to one relationship for content delivery, Groups provides a one to many relationship for content distribution. The diagram below shows how this new feature works. 

 Content is created based on categories set for the organization. Teams within each organization select one or many categories and each member of the team received the category based content for which they signed up.

Content is created based on categories set for the organization. Teams within each organization select one or many categories and each member of the team received the category based content for which they signed up.

This is a big deal because it allows companies to extend thought leadership across the entire organization, provides a simple yet powerful distribution workflow for company news, and serves as a desirable personal branding benefit to employees and team members. It's an infinitely scalable content distribution technology solution for organizations of all sizes. With our new Groups feature, not only will senior leaders be able to build influence and highlight their expertise but everyone within the organization can build thought leadership and establish the entire organization as experts within their industry.

How does it work

The new Groups functionality is extremely simple to use for everyone involved. As a manager of admin it's a simple as clicking a few buttons to create groups and send content. Just create the Group and start entering member names. Since the groups are part of your organization they will automagically appear when you begin typing the name. Removing members is as simple as clicking the x and poof, they are gone.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.52.51 AM.png

Once the members have been added just click on the New Content link to open the content creation screen and begin adding content. Select the social network for which you are creating content, select a category, add the content, choose whether you want to publish immediately upon approval or schedule a day and time, and click send. That's it. All of the members of that group will receive a notification on their mobile device and they can then approve, reject or edit content. Once approved it will automatically be published at the scheduled time (or immediately if publish on approval was selected)

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.59.49 AM.png

That's it. While extremely powerful the Groups functionality is a simple and easy to use process for everyone on your team.

Benefits for the entire organization

This new feature delivers a number of benefits for your entire organization, each activated team, and the individual employees who are participating.

The organization will benefit by:

  • Achieving expanded distribution and reach of company content
  • Highlighting the great things internal teams are doing
  • Establishing individual employees as experts in their industry and areas of focus
  • Highlighting the company as a great place to work and helping you attract and retain top talent
  • Enhancing business development efforts through the authority and trust built by an activated team

Teams will benefit by:

  • Gaining increased exposure, internally and externally, for the great work they are doing
  • Building awareness of their work among industry peers and trade media
  • Establishing themselves as desirable teams for top talent to join

Employees will benefit by:

  • Creating an always on social media presence focused on their area of expertise
  • Highlighting domain expertise amongst industry peers and media
  • Establishing themselves as influencers in their industry
  • Engaging and developing relationships with potential partners, clients, event organizers, and media

Yes, it's as AMAZING as it sounds

So now you are out of your mind with excitement and itching to get access to this amazing new feature. Maybe you are not sure how you can get your hands on this big hairy bit of software awesomesauce that you need right now. 

Not to worry Groups will be available to everyone. if you are currently a Qnary client, reach out to your account manager and they can tell you all about it. If you are not using our platform, just hit us up here and we can tell you all about it. It will change your world.



Qnary Japan and SoftBank Form Partnership for Multilanguage AI FAQ Engine

Improving Interactive Communication and U.S. Market Development

Reputation Growth Service provider Qnary Japan (herein after Qnary) will partner with SoftBank Corp.(herein after SoftBank) to provide Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Question engine APTWARE in Japan and North America. Qnary will bolster its Qnary BirdCloud Solution Suite of Reputation Growth Services with SoftBank's APTWARE Multi-language Compatible Chat Solution.

“We are excited to have the new interactive FAQ systems available as part of Qnary’s reputation growth management service. By providing the AI based social media activation which complements the current Qnary platform,” stated Masahiro Kano, CEO of Qnary Japan.  “users will be able to respond appropriately to the various comments posted on their timelines and/or in messengers at any time, and will have the option to select the method of response. The response can be automated utilizing APTWARE’s AI technology, manual by human operators, or a combination of both. This results in decrease in operators’ and staff time, which leads to cost reduction and at the same time increases customer satisfaction. It can most certainly improve your reputation among your customers, your employees, and your partners.”

APTWARE is a natural language processing solution compatible with multiple languages such as Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. If an ambiguous question is provided by a customer, the platform will ask questions to narrow down a set of possible answers and present the best suited answer.

APTWARE is used in various business scenarios and implementation of its system has:

  1. Saved labor costs at call centers
  2. Improved usability of websites
  3. Gathered insights on the potential needs of the customers (users) from conversation logs.

Qnary will add APTWARE to its current Reputation Growth Service involving SNS such as Facebook, to further improve the quality of the content and diversify its service. Beginning in April, Qnary will start creating content utilizing APTWARE for its official Facebook account and start monitoring in Japan.

"We are honored to partner with SoftBank on the technological development and implementation of AI in our Qnary solution suite." stated Bant Breen, Founder and CEO of Qnary.

In 2018, SoftBank plans to expand APTWARE to North America, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea, while Qnary U.S. is planning to expand its service starting in North America, and proceeding to Europe, and South America. Qnary U.S. works with several of the largest companies in the world across a full-range of business verticals (banking, insurance, manufacturers, retail, food and beverage). Expansion is planned to start by introducing the service to the clients in the verticals.

SoftBank’s APTWARE

APTWARE is a multi-language (Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean) compatible AI FAQ system. It is used for automatic response to inquiries from customers and internal workers and is compatible to multi-devices, and multimedia. SoftBank uses its AI concierge service in its internal portal site, and is accumulating knowhow to be shared with the market.

APTWARE enables the user to “update and add the automatic response answers” and “improve the precision of the answers.” Creating the data allows the absorption of the fluctuating keywords and key phrases. Also, by preparing data scenarios for ambiguous questions, it allows the system to ask “What will you like to know about?” and understand the intention of the questions to provide an accurate answer.

APTWARE product site


Qnary Japan

Qnary U.S. was founded as a company in January 2012 with the purpose of providing service focused on Reputation Growth. Its solution is centered on empowering the voice of the professional and to enhance the reputation of Executives and brands by creating optimized social media content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Qnary Japan opened its office in March 2016, and in July 2016 formed an alliance including capital involvement and business partnership with News2u, a digital PR Agency.



Qnary Japan Inc.




Phone: 03-6221-9512



Why Companies Should Have Closing Times

I spent the early part of my career working in Manhattan ad agencies where I grew accustomed to long hours. Leaving my office at 2am the night before a pitch wasn’t rare. I remember once, a new coworker asked me one Friday afternoon around 5pm as we were headed into our boss’s office for a meeting, when we would be able to go home and I just laughed. I remember she said concerned, “I have family dinners on Friday, I’m going to be really late.” As a single Manhattan lady, this was like a foreign language to me.

Fast-forward five years, I’m 9-month pregnant, still working those hours. I remember getting home one night around 8pm and asking my husband, “What time do babies normally go to sleep?” He had no idea. We called his sister who was a mother. “Around 7-ish,” she said.

“We aren’t even home by then,” I said, beginning to panic. “Wait, how are we going to do this?” By ‘this’ I didn’t exactly mean How are we going to raise our child? I meant, How are we going to see our child?

After a few months off to wean my new baby into the world, I started a new job not at an ad agency. Instead I moved to a startup—enter Qnary! Qnary was founded and led by two former coworkers of mine from a past agency. Because of these relationships, I felt confident enough to say during the offer, “I accept, BUT I have to leave every day by 5:30pm.” They said that was fine.

Two years later, I still leave every day by 5:30pm. I’m often the first one out the door. I’m unabashed by this. Part of it is because I know that if I don’t leave then, I won’t have an hour with my toddler that day, and that hour is really important to both me and my child. But it’s also in a large part because I am really confident about my output of work, which I’ve been really proud of. I credit this to having a personal office ‘closing time,’ which I believe fosters better work.

Here are a few reasons why I think this is the case, and why I would recommend considering having an office ‘closing time’ for your company.

You are more productive when there is an end time

When there is a gun to your head, you are more productive. It’s much easier to push off what you actually have to do, when there isn’t a clock ticking in your ear. When 3:30pm hits now, I realize I only have two hours left and I kick it into high gear. How many more tasks can I complete if I really focus right now? As a result, I’m pretty much always focused because I am so aware I only have a finite amount of hours.

You prioritize better and put what must be done, first

Instead of pushing off what you don’t really want to do first, you do what you must get done first. You become hyper aware of the priorities you need to accomplish that day, and working in the same time frame each day, you become better able to realistically understand how many of those priorities you can actually accomplish. You become a target deadline setting ninja.

You don’t get bitter about work and you don’t burnout

Ad agencies have a high burnout rate and I understand why. After a few years at past agencies, I would always burnout like clockwork. I never realized this until after the fact. But it’s what happens when you feel like you are being taken advantage of, which happens when you constantly feel pressure to stay at the office later than you want to. This makes for not-great work and a not great company culture.

And face it, you still work at home

For better or worse, thanks to today’s technology, you are plugged into work 24/7. You check emails at home. You don’t allow bottlenecks to happen. You answer the phone when a colleague or client calls. And it’s fine when this happens, because you know keeping things moving is really important.

Big ideas never happen inside an office

I realized recently that all of my big, good ideas come from my weekend morning runs. These are the ideas that have really helped to shape my department. I have adopted the habit of often emailing my boss bright and early on a Saturday with an idea, super sweaty on the East River running path. I have never gotten a big idea at my desk.

You are happier

You just are. We say so often how important maintaining a “work, life balance” is and it’s true. Perhaps, as how we work continues to evolve with technology, it is becoming more important that we establish a healthy “work, life integration.” When I am outside of the office, often times I am still thinking about problems and challenges happening inside the office. And I am happy to do that, because I am happy at work. I have a healthy relationship with it.

Sitting at your office desk late at night being bitter doesn’t help your company. That generally isn’t the context that produces great work. Having a group of happy employees that are prioritizing what needs to get done effectively and figuring out challenges when they are in their brightest headspace—that does produce better work, and it makes for better companies.