Technology Platform

Seamless Approval of Custom Content

Qnary’s technology automatically delivers custom content to our executive clients (i.e. tweets, LinkedIn posts, etc). A client can easily approve, reject, edit or comment on each custom post.

Growth & Engagement

Additionally, Qnary provides, actionable insights to grow our executive clients’ audiences, increase engagement, and expand reach. Our technology provides the tools to make connections with influencers and amplifying distribution to ensure that our users’ digital presence is growing and their content is reaching the right people.

Our Technology Delivers Everything Needed To Effectively Manage Digital Presence And Establish Thought Leadership

Qnary starts by connecting to each user’s social and digital channels. With a few simple taps, users are able to connect to each of their social channels. Once connected the system automatically delivers recommendations to fully optimize each channel, begins monitoring visibility in search & social, and highlights opportunities to expand thought leadership.

Qnary also provides an end to end content monitoring, development, and distribution framework. Qnary identifies and delivers the most shared content on the topics that our users care about. We keep our users abreast of what’s going on in their industries so they can stay ahead of the game and provide their POV on important news and conversation. Our content solution also creates custom content for our enterprise users and manages publishing and distribution. Our closed loop content system allows busy executives to focus on building their business while also building thought leadership in the their areas of expertise.


Keep It Simple

The platform is easy to use with intuitive features and notifications to guide the user along the way.

Integrate It

Built to seamlessly integrate with social media and search APIs and enterprise communication tools such as Slack and Yammer.

Super Scalable

Some clients want to start with just a handful of executives on our platform. We developed a system that would work for clients of all shapes and sizes, while maintaining consistent performance.

Fully Secure

We've built the platform to ensure security for our clients. Our technology uses the latest encryption and cyber security technology.


Qnary abides by GDPR best practices and maintains compliance with industry-specific governance.
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