Qnary Studio Video Training Guide

  • The Setting: A neutral background is preferred, unless the background is specific to the context. For most cases, you want to avoid a background that could distract the viewer. Avoid standing in front of a bright light or window with a bright light that could cast a glare. 
  • What works: Standing or sitting in front of a plain wall or painting. Sitting at a desk. Remember, we will edit the video.
  • The Lighting: Bright is best. Remember not to sit by a light source which will cause back light.
  • The Sound: Be mindful not to prop the camera too far from you as you want your voice to be loud and clear. Speak loudly and confidently and be mindful to turn off background noises. 
  • The “Look”: Like your background, unless your outfit is part of the context, lean towards not distracting clothing items like suits, plain collared shirts, plain colored sweaters or t-shirts. We recommend wearing what you would wear to the office – putting your professional foot forward. However, we realize that how formal this dress is in a large part is based on your industry. 
Requirements  Account Manager and Client to Submit
Zoom Make sure to download the latest version of https://zoom.us.
High Speed Internet Make sure to test you internet speed on https://fast.com.