CES: Showroom floor and beyond

CESIn a few short weeks, thousands of people will descend on Las Vegas, Nevada, for the International Consumer Electronics Show. Many are well aware that wearables, 3D printing, robotics, smart technology, and gaming will be hot items in the exhibition halls. Issues concerning personal privacy and cyber security measures will also be discussed. However, the event isn’t just a 2015 take on re-imagining the future that Marty McFly was transported to. Instead, it’s a place to learn from thought leaders and visionaries in the consumer electronics space.

There is more to CES than the Showroom floor...A Lot More

Media and advertising giants also converge on Sin City to hear about hot startups’ latest plans, review partnerships, and initiate or continue the deals they may have started months before the holiday season, but had to finalize when budgets were redone for 2015.

Perhaps, leaders will attend conference sessions to educate themselves about what’s on the horizon or listen to a keynote debate with other leaders in their industries. There is another part of CES beyond the glitz of the showroom floor. CES has become the kick-off event for startups, top brands, media publications, marketing agencies, etc. They are here to kick off new initiatives, meet with the latest digital start-ups (and established players), and plan their business strategy for the coming year. This overview on MediaLink’s Michael Kassan at Recode gives some more detail on the behind-the-scenes happenings at CES.

Parties Galore

In addition to the impromptu meetings, planned meetings and strategy sessions there are no shortage of parties. This is Vegas after all. From invitation-only industry parties to come-one-come-all late-night blowouts, there are plenty of parties. And let’s be honest here, more than a few deals will be solidified or lost at these CES to-dos.

Qnary will be there...will you?

The only way to truly experience CES is to head to Vegas and immerse yourself into the entire scene. While there is a lot of fun to be had on the floor checking out the latest electronic technology, the real meat of CES is in the background where business leaders are making deals and enjoying the many events that are happening. Qnary will be at CES, so come find us if you are there.