Qnary Roundup: Instagram, Grammy Nominations and More

via Recode Each week, the Qnary team hosts a Friday morning meeting where we discuss the most interesting issues in social media today. Here, we recap those for you.

How Big Is 300 Million? A Look at How Instagram Stacks Up.

Instagram hit 300 million active users on Wednesday, a total that puts the service in rare company as one of the world’s largest social networks.

There is no perfect measuring stick when it comes to comparing the size of social network-like services, but there is a generally accepted standard: Monthly Active Users. That is, the number of people who log into their account during any given month. The MAU yardstick is used by all the major players — Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp — and while it helps create a baseline, some platforms would argue that active users don’t paint the whole picture. (Via Recode)

Facebook Finally Lets Everyone Search for Old Posts

Before today, if you closed a tab on a Facebook post, it would have been lost forever; there was no way of searching for it. Facebook updated its search on Monday to let users find older posts. "Search at Facebook is a long-term effort," Tom Stocky, the company's VP of search, wrote in a blog post announcing the update. "Today is a step toward helping you tap into the experiences and perspectives of your friends."

Previously, typing "Hawaii" into Facebook's search box would only yield pages and apps related to Hawaii. But now, the search results page will also display all the posts you have previously viewed that contain the word "Hawaii." The search results are personalized for each user, so you can't search for all posts on Facebook — only the ones that have been shared with you (Via Mashable)

How The Grammy’s Took Over Twitter with its New Nominations Style

For the first time, some nominees for the Grammy Awards were announced via video tweets instead of on television or on the Grammys website. The Recording Academy tasked musicians and TV personalities to tweet nominees for two dozen categories over the course of six hours on Friday, with many of the celebrities appearing in clips on Twitter's native video player, which lives exclusively in tweets.

"Today, the Recording Academy broke new ground on Twitter," Andrew Adashek, Twitter's head of TV, told Mashable. "They took advantage of Twitter’s real-time, widely distributed nature and treated millions of music fans to an exclusive, shared experience." (Via Mashable)

Google App for iOS Gets Material Design Update, Easier Navigation and Maps Integration

All of Google’s apps are now being upgraded to match the company’s new Material Design user-interface guidelines. This is more than just a design update, though. There are a few new features, including a deeper integration with Google Maps and an easier way to get back to your previous searches.

Previously, the app would automatically take you to the Google Maps app whenever you searched for a location. Now, you can search Maps right from within the app without the need to switch between the two — and you can even dive into Street View from there. That sounds like a small thing, but I got a chance to test the new app earlier this week and it does make for a much nicer user experience. Similar to Android’s app switcher, the iOS app now also presents your previous searches and recently viewed pages as a stack of cards you can easily flip through. (Via TechCrunch)