Qnary Roundup: Charitable Users, Apple iPad, Facebook's News Feed, and More

twitter profile Each week, the Qnary team hosts a Friday morning meeting where we discuss the most interesting issues in social media today. Here, we recap those for you.

Social Media Users Are More Charitable Than You Might Think

There's no doubt that social media has made it easier for charitable organizations and nonprofits to spread their messages. The major press release or fundraiser can now be simplified into a series of tweets or Facebook posts. Organizations can stay top of mind with their own pieces of social media real estate.

In a recent SurveyMonkey Audience survey of more than 1,000 U.S. adults, age 18 or older, who identify themselves as regular social media users, 51% of respondents noted they hear about new social good initiatives on social media first; and nearly 46% said they hear about social good initiatives most often through social media — topping TV and word-of-mouth campaigns by more than three times.

According to the survey data, an average of nearly 64% of users who identified themselves as a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and/or Google+ user said they've donated $100 or more to charitable causes in the last year, and an average of just 6.5% have given no money at all to charitable causes in the last year. (via Mashable)

Report: Apple Planning iPad Launch Event in Late October

Apple is reportedly planning another major product launch next month, when they are expected to reveal two new iPads.

According to an Apple Insider report, the company is working on an internal project with marketing deadlines for mid-October that would lead up to a special event held later in the month.The rumor is in line with speculation that Apple will unveil its next-generation tablets in just a few weeks.

It's expected that the iPad Air and Mini will get faster processors (the A8), which is the same chip in the iPhone 6and iPhone 6 Plus. The devices may also feature Touch ID, the fingerprint scanner found in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

It's likely OS X Yosemite, the next-generation operating system for Macs, will officially launch at or just after the event, too. Last year, Apple revealed the new iPads and rolled out OS X Mavericks at the same time. (via Mashable)

Your Facebook News Feed Is About To Get More Timely

Facebook is rolling out a small update to its News Feed algorithm that will prioritize and rank timely, “trending” posts higher than they were before.

Now, Facebook stories from friends or Facebook pages that are tied to trending topics on Facebook — such specific movies, actors, and news events — are more likely to appear higher in news feed. Facebook will also track when people are liking and commenting on status updates, and take that into account when ranking stories in the News Feed.

If Facebook users are liking and commenting on a News Feed story very quickly, the story will be ranked higher. Likewise, if the rate at which users like and comment on the story starts to decline, it will be ranked lower. This also affects which stories that weren’t initially seen are “bumped” to the top of a user’s News Feed. (via BuzzFeed)

Twitter Overhauls Profiles on iOS in the 'Biggest Update to Date'

Twitter updated its iPhone app with completely redesigned profiles on Thursday. The new profiles emphasize users' bios, photos and favorited tweets, in addition to their own tweets.

"This is our biggest update to profiles to date," the company wrote in a blog post. "Featuring a fresh design, the updated profiles focus on your bio, Tweets and photos, making it easy for you to get a glimpse into the people you care about on Twitter."

The redesigned profiles include three tabs: tweets, photos and favorites. The photos tab displays images you have tweeted, while favorites surfaces tweets you have favorited. User bios are also immediately surfaced in the profile view; previously, you had to swipe across the top of a person's header image to view his or her bio.

The updated app is available to iOS users running iOS 7 or higher. The company says the redesigned profiles will eventually come to the Android app but the timing of that update isn't clear. (via Mashable)

Facebook is Convincing Advertisers to Spend

The amount of ad dollars spent on Facebook is outpacing the amount of time people spend on the site, a reflection in part of Facebook’s ability to convince marketers of the power of advertising with the social network.

While 6% of U.S. adults’ digital media time is spent on Facebook, 9.7% of U.S. digital ad spending in the U.S. flows to the site, according to a new report by eMarketer. That’s not the case with the rest of the industry. For example, U.S. adults spend 7.1% of their digital media time listening to Pandora – that’s more than Facebook – but the online music streaming service commands only 1.4% share of digital ad dollars.

There are a couple of reasons why Facebook is able to buck the trend in the rest of the industry. For one, it not only continues to add to its more than a billion users around the world, but those customers are still increasing the amount of time they hang around. Adults in the U.S. will spend an average of 21 minutes a day on Facebook this year, according to eMarketer. That’s up from 19 minutes a year ago and only six minutes in 2010. The increasing usage underscores the obvious: Facebook is incredibly popular.

Also, Facebook is an engaging service. People spend time scrolling through feeds to browse content, while music from Pandora, whose data eMarketer is breaking out for the first time, can literally run in the background. You don’t need to stare at Pandora’s site or app to use it, and audio advertising can easily be tuned out. (via WSJ)