Qnay Roundup: Pricing Model, Foursquare Data, and Snapchat

via Regal Creative Each week, the Qnary team hosts a Friday morning meeting where we discuss the most interesting issues in social media today. Here, we recap those for you.

Twitter Changes Pricing Model for Advertisers Twitter is changing its prices. On Thursday, the company announced it was introducing new tools for what it calls "objective-based campaigns," which include four new ways advertisers can buy ads on the social media platform. (via AdAge).

What Foursquare's Looming Data Means to Advertisers So, now that Foursquare Labs Inc. has two mobile apps, the newest version of  the Foursquare namesake and the two-month-old Swarm, what do the moves mean to advertisers? Quite a bit. But let's start with its emerging mobile-social data. Swarm's check-ins — formerly a Foursquare staple where consumers self-report if they are at a store, bar, diner, etc.—are being synced with Foursquare's combination of search, discovery and GPS-based location data to help target ads. In theory, the two apps will make each other's ads smarter. (via AdWeek).

InStyle Uses Snapchat to Reveal September Cover Over  the past year, Instagram has become a popular channel for fashion brands to introduce new campaigns. Now, InStyle is taking the concept a step further by using social photo sharing platform Snapchat to reveal its big September cover. The September issue will be InStyle’s biggest ever in terms of ad pages, topping last year’s record-breaker. (The 2013 issue, for reference, featured actress and burgeoning beauty mogul Drew Barrymore as its cover star.) After joining Snapchat earlier this summer, InStyle began using the platform to tease behind-the-scenes photos from its most-anticipated issue of the year using the #makingseptember tag.(via AdWeek).

LinkedIn's New Tool for Salespeople Tries to Cut Down on Cold Calls LinkedIn is best known as a tool for job seekers and recruiters, but it's also a burgeoning platform for "social selling," a business it hopes to boost with a new entity called Sales Navigator. Sales Navigator, which is designed for salespeople, leverages LinkedIn's network of 316 million-plus members to expose sales leads. If you work in a company with 500 employees, for instance, LinkedIn will let you know if one of those employees is connected with someone at one of your target companies. This reduces cold calling and leads to more sales, according to LinkedIn. (via Mashable).

Watch John Oliver's Hilarious Attack on Native Advertising John Oliver may be uniquely positioned to take down some of the hype surrounding native advertising, given that his "Last Week Tonight" appears on ad-free HBO, as he notes at the top of this segment that aired last night. Afforded that freedom, he pulls no punches, taking on media execs like Jonah Peretti, founder-CEO of BuzzFeed, which gets 100% of its revenue from native advertising; Joe Ripp, the Time Inc. CEO who has been pulling down the wall between church and state as his company builds a new native-advertising unit; and Meredith Kopit Levien, exec-VP of advertising at The New York Times, which has also been enthusiastically embracing native advertising. (via AdAge).

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