Qnary Roundup: Instagram and the Culinary World, Avoiding Facebook, and More

(via BustedHalo) Each week, the Qnary team hosts a Friday morning meeting where we discuss the most interesting issues in social media today. Here, we recap those for you.

Campaign to give up Facebook for 99 Days In a social media crazed world, the idea of going without Facebook for even a day is daunting. Going 99 days without checking your notifications or posting a status seems impossible, but that is exactly what Dutch creative company Just is proposing Facebook users do.

The idea was generated by a group discussion after Facebook’s controversial mood experiments became public knowledge. Just wants to see the emotional impact of removing the site from a user’s life for 99 days and then will observe the results from “happiness surveys” to see if their mood improves.

The company say this experiment is not meant to get users to permanently delete their profiles, rather to observe the impact of a break and maybe encourage usage moderation in the future. (via Time).

Herculean effort from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spurs impressive social media campaign If you’re going to take workout advice, wouldn’t you want it to be from someone who looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? The wrestler turned actor has been prepping for the upcoming release of his next film Hercules, out July 25, by taking to Twitter and sharing the most hardcore workouts he used in order to get ready for the role with the hashtag #TeamHercules. The tweets give advice on how to perform certain exercises and began hitting the site in June, originally to Johnson’s own 7.3 million followers. Including all the posts up until the last on July 3, there have been more than 2.5 million social interactions on the campaign. (via USA Today).

The impact Instagram is having on the Culinary World Restaurants are no longer just expected to deliver tasty food but also visually appealing, Instagram-worthy cuisine. Today it’s not uncommon to see customers adjusting their plates to get just the right aesthetic appeal before adding numerous filters and changes to create a mouthwatering image. It’s as if posting an image to Instagram has become part of the eating ritual.

This practice has not only changed the way people eat, but the way restaurants and chefs work. These “camera cuisines” are more centered on looking good than tasting good. They are also having a major impact on cooking styles and trends, marketing practices and overall food quality standards. (via NYTimes).

Pinterest could face fashion competition from Looklist Looklist is a new search engine geared toward fashionistas that is rolling out of private beta this week. The new tool searches for fashion images and lets users search, filter and browse through thousands of images pulled from fashion blogs. It can even take them to the original site to continue browsing.

Looklist is embracing the intersection of search and discovery, which is becoming a big deal in image-based companies. One such company is Pinterest, which recently released its “Guided Search” feature, which is comparable to the way Looklist will work. (via VentureBeat).

LinkedIn launches redesigned Connected app LinkedIn has launched a new, more efficient app called Connected based off of the current Contacts app. Connected is about keeping users interacting on the site even when they are not searching for jobs. It is presented in a straightforward manner by sharing job changes or work anniversaries in an easily swipe-able card form. The idea is to make the service more of an ongoing process rather than just using it in times of need. The way the company puts it is, “This app helps you invest in your relationships today, so opportunities blossom for you tomorrow.” (via PC World).

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