Take a "Moment" to Learn about Your Phone Behaviors

Moment sending users alerts when they are close to their time cap. Today's digitally driven world has created a culture of media obsession, and essentially a fifth limb for those who carry their smartphones or tablets everywhere. The creation of apps for almost any situation, has allowed us to have an easy button for almost everything, creating an environment where experiencing the world around you has become more about how you can capture it and share it than whether you're actually taking it all in.

"Moment", an app for iPhone, may change all of that. Moment essentially tracks how much you are using your phone. The app is designed so that you can place a max amount of time allotted for, and then warn you when you are getting close to that cap and when you have gone over it.

Creator Kevin Holesh said the idea behind the app was to design a way for someone to use their gadget to enhance their life without it taking over their life.

“As a tiny experiment, I asked people to guess what their daily usage was and they were almost always 50% too low,” Holesh says. “The daily limits have helped people set a goal for how much they’re on their phone. My main goal with Moment was make me aware of how many minutes I’m burning on my phone each day, and it’s helped my testers do that, too.”

Whether those who really need Moment will use it, is yet to be determined.

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