Employee Advocacy & Executive Social Media Management Technology

Qnary's platform assists executives and enterprises to manage, optimize and grow. 

Qnary's platform provides: 

  • Monitoring and Analyzing: Qnary pulls in data feeds from all major social, search and content providers such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and Bing. The platform then analyzes this data for structural search, social optimization needs and curated/created content opportunities. 
  • Actionable Insights: Qnary makes timely recommendations on what an executive can do to improve and strengthen their online activities. 
  • Enterprise Management: Qnary allows an enterprise admin to share and curate content for executives as well as monitor search and social media optimization levels. 

In the digital age, companies need great technology to empower and connect with executives, now more than ever.

Enterprises use Qnary to:

  1. Align teams with overall marketing goals
  2. Elevate public-facing executives into thought leaders
  3. Empower business development teams to grow sales

Executives use Qnary to:

  1. Show industry expertise
  2. Increase influence and drive business
  3. Advance the enterprise's goals