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Qnary’s Platform


Qnary's Technology Platform

User-focused Development: 

Qnary's workforce advocacy technology platform provides enterprises with everything they need to manage, optimize, grow and protect the digital footprints of their executives and employees.

When we set out to build a best-in-class platform that would assist enterprises to manage and grow workplace advocacy we focused on a handful of characteristics based on user feedback.

  • Keep it simple. Professionals do not have time to figure out technologies. Qnary's platform team aimed to build a way that executives and employees experienced the benefits in an intuitive fashion. The platform is deceptively simple with lots of smarts that work for the user behind the scenes.

  • Make it flexible. While we'd love to think our Qnary platform is the only technology your enterprise uses we know that is not the case. We built our technology to integrate with enterprise communication tools such as Yammer and Slack.

  • Super scalable. Some clients want to start with just a handful of executives on our platform. Others want to immediately activate thousands. We developed a system that would work for clients of all shapes and sizes, while maintaining consistent performance no matter how big or small.

  • Fully secure. We aim to keep your information secure and we've built the platform to place the enterprise, executive and employee in control of their information.

  • Compliant. Qnary abides by GDPR best practices and maintains compliance with industry-specific governance.


The Qnary Platform is a rules-based engine that optimizes a professional’s social media, monitors a professional’s search results, facilitates and manages the creation, curation and approval of a professional’s content, and monitors and measures a professional’s digital media footprint.

Our technology delivers everything needed to effectively manage digital presence and establish thought leadership. Qnary starts by connecting to each user's social and digital channels. With a few simple taps, users are able to connect to each of their social channels. Once connected the system automatically delivers recommendations to fully optimize each channel, begins monitoring visibility in search & social, and highlights opportunities to expand thought leadership.

Qnary also provides an end to end content monitoring, development, and distribution framework. Qnary identifies and delivers the most shared content on the topics that our users care about. We keep our users abreast of what's going on in their industries so they can stay ahead of the game and provide their POV on important news and conversation. Our content solution also creates custom content for our enterprise users and manages publishing and distribution. Our closed loop content system allows busy executives to focus on their building their business while also building thought leadership in the their areas of expertise.

Integrated with popular enterprise tools like Slack, Yammer and CRM products, making Qnary's technology solutions ubiquitous and easy to manage.

Integrated with popular enterprise tools like Slack, Yammer and CRM products, making Qnary's technology solutions ubiquitous and easy to manage.

In addition to providing 360 degree security monitoring, our technology uses the latest security protocols and powerful encryption to ensure all user data is safe from hackers and other bad actors. Our system not only provides 360 Degree monitoring of our users' names across social, we also deliver identity protection. From the dark web to mainstream social networks, we monitor activity and identify potential security threats or privacy encroachments and help users take action before any problems arise.


Growth & Analytics

Qnary’s technology automatically delivers actionable insights to grow audience, increase engagement, and expand reach. Our technology provides the tools to make connections with influencers and amplifying distribution to ensure that our users' digital presence is growing and their content is reaching the right people. Our in-app analytics delivers up to the minute analytics tracking of the most important KPIs to ensure our users and enterprises are hitting their goals.

We continue to build and evolve the Qnary Platform and are now leveraging machine learning to automagically identify opportunities and deliver solutions. We are building the most powerful AI digital presence solution to help our users build thought leadership and maintain a cohesive digital footprint on topics that they care about. Enterprises who use Qnary know that our technology continually gets smarter and delivers everything they need, allowing them to focus on building their businesses.

Qnary Labs

We operate in a rapidly evolving digital media landscape which is why we maintain an active research and development process in the business. Each month the senior leadership team reviews iterations and additions to the platform to make it more intuitive, resolve a technology or user challenge or seize upon an opportunity that appears in the workforce advocacy space where we operate.