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The Qnary Mobile App

Welcome to Qnary! You are on your way to getting the most out of our mobile app, which will do the following for you:

  • Automatically show you a real-time insights feed of personally-relevant news and updates related to your online presence.

  • Deliver content created for you that requires your approval.  You will be able to read the post and quickly accept it or reject it. You will also be able to edit the content and, if desired, make a comment about it.

  • Provide you with an easy way to share content to your administrator/content curator.

Download the Qnary app:

Apple iOS:



Google Play:



Home Screen

The home screen serves as a centralized location allowing you to access any other screens on the site quickly and easily. You can access the home screen by tapping the first icon in the bottom menu on any other screen in the app. You can also access it using the updated side menu that will slide out when you tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the screen from anywhere in the app. In addition to being the central location for everything in the Qnary app, the home screen also includes a message center that will deliver insights, recommendations, updates, cybersecurity notifications, and other important messages.

Side Menu

In addition to our bottom navigation, the Qnary mobile app also provides a convenient side menu. To access the menu either tap the hamburger menu in the top left corner or swipe right. The side menu will provide access to all of the app’s screens and features. To close the menu, simply swipe left.



Content Approvals

This is where you will original content that you can approve for publication. These could be tweets, LinkedIn posts, Instagram posts, blog posts, and so on. As soon as this content is available, it will send a notification to your phone.  Typically, the notification will let you know that content is ready for approval. 

Tapping on the content icon in the bottom menu or the side menu content link will show the content pending your approval. Simply tap the more icon under each post to open the approval/rejection controls.


Managing content

  • Pending (default view): This is content sent to you and awaiting a response from you

  • Approved: This is content you have already approved. You can edit and change your response if the post has yet to be published.

  • Rejected: This is content you have rejected. As with approved, you can change your mind.

Approving Content



If the content looks good and is slated for the appropriate channel, you can simply click on the check.  That’s really all there is to it.


If you need to reject a piece of content outright, without comment, tap on the “X”. It’s helpful for your content creator to know why you prefer not to post it but sometimes time is of the essence and that conversation can be had later.


Typically, a comment goes with a rejection, but you can make a comment on any piece of content. When you tap on the comment icon, you’ll have a view in which to type up a comment that will be sent to your content creator. You’ll be given more room to type. When finished, you can then approve, reject, or edit.


If you want to make an edit to the content, you can do so. Typically, you’d approve it after your edit. Your content creator will see the edit you’ve made, and it will help them understand how to improve content for future posts. Tapping the pencil icon will bring the text front and center. From there, you can approve, reject, or comment.


Your Feed

You will be delivered a feed of news articles that are most likely to resonate with you. These are also opportunities to engage and share with your networks. These items can be shared with your account manager via the app, or you can engage with the news yourself.

Your Client Success Manager will select a variety of sources and subjects that align with your professional and personal goals. The vast majority will simply flow through your feed and can be read at any time.  Once in a while, one may trigger a mobile alert.

Sharing items from your feed

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 11.31.47 AM.png

You can share an item yourself by clicking on the social network to which you would like to share, send it to your admin with comments, or copy the URL and use share it via email or another product or service.

Contacting your Client Success Manager

See something via another app (Facebook, email, etc.) that you want your content creator to think about? Open the slide menu and select Contact Admin to send a message and/or comments on content that they have sent. This will generate an email to your Client Success Manager so they can take the appropriate action.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 12.36.48 PM.png


Managing your settings

Your settings screen offers the ability to change your password, change your email address, change your language, and manage SMS & Notification settings. From the side menu, select settings, and tap on the setting you would like to change.

Managing your social profiles

You can connect and disconnect the social profiles in the Qnary app. To access, open the side menu and select social profiles. You will see which channels you already have connected as well as options at the top to connect new social profiles. Simply tap on the icon of the social network you would like to connect, and you will be taken through the connection process. Make sure you are logged into your social profile or have your login credentials available as you will need that information to connect each profile.



Tracking Performance

You can monitor performance through the analytics package built into the Qnary app. To access reports, either tap on the reporting icon in the bottom menu or select reports in the side menu. You will see two charts and numbers up top showing the aggregate number of followers and engagements you have earned. Scrolling down allows you to see the engagement and follower counts for each social profile connected to your account and the percent change from the previous 5-day period.