“I’m Gunna Buy Some [Followers], Got $20 In My Pocket”: Why Macklemore Is Wrong About Twitter Audience Growth

By Melissa Nicolich—Growth & Optimization Manager @ Qnary

Social media is a crucial part of our everyday lives and it has become vital for businesses and their leaders to join in.

Twitter, in my opinion, has become one of the most fundamental platforms on which to build a presence, especially regarding professional development and personal brand building. It provides a place to share news and engage with peers, colleagues, networks, customers and partners. Twitter allows you to reach your followers in real-time. You can share coverage of live events and conferences, deliver company news (i.e. a new product launch), as well as receive instant feedback and trends from around the world and within your specific network.

You will want to present yourself on Twitter with a certain amount of clout. The number of followers you have on Twitter can, let’s be honest, make it appear to the Twitter-world that you’re the real deal. Essentially, more followers can lift your professional validity.


Need Followers? Just buy them, right?

But…how do you get these followers in the first place? Well for $6,800 you can get one million Twitter followers, one million YouTube views, 20,000 likes on Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram followers and still have room in your budget for 250 comments on your blog and 100,000 views on Vimeo.

So why not buy 1,000 Twitter followers for only $4.00? What a bargain! Right?


Grow Your Audience the Right Way

Buying Twitter followers not only can harm your account, but it’s ineffective, being that most of the accounts are inactive, bots, or fake. As the Growth & Optimization Manager at Qnary, I want to share five tips to growing your Twitter audience with REAL and engaged followers.  

1) Find active Twitter users

Look for users who tweet daily about topics related to your personal/professional interests. Don’t just follow them, engage. Respond to their posts, favorite interesting content, and mention them in relevant posts that you share. Give them a reason to follow and engage with you.

2) Create targeted “lists” on Twitter

Lists are a way to curate targeted groups of Twitter users. When you add people to a list, they will receive a notification and/or an email, giving them the hint they you are interested in their content and they might be interested in yours. These lists not only help you gain followers, but allows for you to monitor competitors, stay on top of trends, and connect with industry leaders. Here’s how to create a Twitter list.

3) Make Retweeting and Favoriting a routine

Make it a habit to retweet interesting content daily and actively favorite tweets throughout the day. Users will be more likely to engage with you when they see that you appreciate their content. This will then enhance the visibility of your Twitter handle, helping to grow your audience.

4) Use hashtags

Look for what’s trending, join industry-related conversations and connect with influencers through hashtags to increase your following. Using trending and popular hashtags increases your visibility and connects you to the conversations that are important to you. Don’t overuse hashtags; it will make you look spammy! Try sticking to 1-2 hashtags per tweet.

5) Last but most certainly not least, create content worth sharing

...Because nobody likes inactive or boring accounts! Not only will you fail to gain new followers but your current followers may drop you. Test best practices on images, @-mentions, URLs, commentary, and posting times to help you find general trends that maximize the impact of your efforts. If you don’t have time to frequently create compelling content, there are tools you can use, like Buffer, to schedule your content in advance. Check out Qnary’s solutions to see how we can help!

So, if you are trying to grow your Twitter audience, choose your target and follow wisely. Think before you buy followers. There are better ways to grow a high quality and truly engaged audience organically!