Qnary Career Opportunity: Community Manager

Community Manager

Hi! We are Qnary.

We empower the voice of professionals and industry leaders. We work directly with Fortune 1000 and startup leaders across a variety of industries, including marketing, media, technology, advertising, law, finance, corporate sustainability, art and more. We deliver our solution globally in multiple languages including English, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin.

Clients come to us to become digital influencers in their industry—from growing target audiences on social channels, to creating smart and savvy social content from tweets to blogs, to building personal websites. The objective is to grow their personal brands to help better reflect themselves and their organizations. We have developed an app to help clients do this easily.

We are offering a unique community management role to manage, create, and editorialize content for a Fortune 500 company focused on creating and sharing content to their large, global marketing team internally to showcase marketing campaigns, case studies, and more.

This role would be a hybrid role in that for two-days a week, you would focus exclusively on this client. For the rest of the week, you would focus on a diverse client portfolio and would lead content optimizations.

This would include working directly with Qnary’s writers, editors and client success managers to help improve the quality of content, optimize and implement content quality standards across the organization, and assist to create, edit and improve content for specific clients based on client needs.  

This role is unique as it offers you direct access into the minds of some of the top leaders in a variety of industries. Beyond growing your skills in community management, writing, social media content and strategy, and copy editing you will also gain an unparalleled window into the minds of today’s top leaders and entrepreneurs.

Who You Are:

  • Very strong writing and grammar skills, with a strong eye for detail.

  • A knowledge of social media best practices is important, especially on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (in that priority order).

  • You are comfortable in professional settings and interacting with clients directly.

  • You are comfortable providing feedback and management to a remote team of writers and content creators. You are process-oriented to help build processes to continue to improve the quality of content.

  • You love learning, as we work with clients across industries, a love for learning is a must.

  • You are interested in technology. You will work with many clients through our proprietary reputation growth platform and corresponding mobile app.

  • You are proactive. We are a startup and are looking for people with new ideas to help push our company further.

Responsibilities include:

  • For two-days a week, you will work directly with the Fortune 500 company at their office in central NJ. For three days a week, you would work at Qnary in Manhattan (Note Qnary provides a flexible work environment, with work from home options available after 3-months of employment.)

  • For two-days a week, you would work to create, editorialize, coordinate and manage content for internal marketing across a global platform working with global marketing stakeholders.

  • For three-days a week, you would work with a portfolio of diverse clients with the focus being on improving the quality of content across not only specific client needs, but helping to improve Qnary’s process and content standards as a whole.

  • Analyze and report social media actions on a monthly basis for successes and new opportunities.

  • Continue to redefine our social marketing practice.

Preferred experience:

  • 1-2 years of community management experience is preferred, but not a mandatory requirement—relevant internship experience is also a plus.

  • Experience including but not limited to LinkedIn, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram - and an understanding of social media analytics and paid media is a plus.

  • Strong professional written and verbal communication skills.

  • Must be able to work independently and in a team environment. Must be reliable with deadlines and projects.

  • Exceptional time management skills including the ability to handle multiple clients with changing priorities.

What We’re Looking For:

You! We are looking for a person who will fit well with our team and we are eager and open to training in certain areas. If you are enthusiastic about the role and opportunity, please reach out!