Cybersecurity Monitoring added to Qnary Executive & Workforce Advocacy Platform

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We Qnaries have always focused on providing enterprises everything they need to help their executives and teams optimize, manage, and amplify their online presence the right way.

Strategically building out social media profiles, establishing thought leadership and growing targeted audience and reach are all integral parts of developing a social media presence. But what happens when you turn that attention tap on? There are of course two sides to the coin of growing your influence. You are, of course, garnering attention of your target audience but you are also increasing your exposure. And while we continue to build the most robust enterprise social media technology platform, we understand the importance of monitoring privacy and security threats. That’s why we're excited to announce that Qnary now offers digital threat intelligence and monitoring platform.

Introducing Qnary’s partnership with Telefonica's Identity Threat Intelligence platform. In addition to providing our clients with everything they need to develop a positive digital presence, we now provide 360 degree digital identity threat monitoring for all Qnary clients. Through this partnership, our proprietary technology now monitors all social media and digital news postings as well as activity on the dark web for identity threats from data breaches, hacks, and accidental data leaks.

Partnering with Telefonica’s identity focused Cyber Intelligence Platform, Qnary can continue to focus on enhancing the capabilities of our workforce advocacy technology solution while providing best-in-class digital identity monitoring and protection.

In the era of fake news, bots, data breaches, and hackers who seem to be lurking around every browser, protection has never been more important and harder to achieve for the average digital user. In fact over 47% of consumers in the US have had their personal information exposed by hackers, which has lead to $16B in consumer losses in 2017 alone.  With Telefonica, we can now guard all of our clients’ presences in a seamless and effective manner, meaning we can guard as we grow.

Through Qnary 360, all Qnary clients have digital identity protection and can rest easy in the knowledge that they are growing their thought leadership and influence while being protected from identity threats, bad actors, and fraud. We will continue to build and integrate best in class technologies to provide our clients everything they need to manage their digital presences so they can focus on building their business and accelerating their careers.