Instagram TV Has Arrived-- What You Need to Know

Remember when brands and agencies shouted about how mobile is the second screen? When the image of families on the couch watching TV together transformed into families on the couch together watching TV together and scrolling through their smartphones? But then, twist!, the idea of families sitting on the couch together watching TV suddenly seemed as black-and-white and antiquated as those old-timey illustrations of little Bobby and Jane sitting on the carpet listening to radio serials, while dad read the newspaper and mom was… where was mom anyway?

Times have changed, and keep changing. Mobile is the first screen. The micro-influencer is the new A-list celebrity. The future is female. And what your friends’ document and share is your nightly news.

Enter IGTV

What Is It:

See that new little orange TV icon on the top right corner of your Instagram page? That’s IGTV. Turn it on and IGTV shows created by your friends who are creators, or influencers who share your interests will automatically start playing. Each show can be up to an hour in length. You can interact with the show, and with the people watching the show through Likes, Comments, or Direct Message.

Who can create content for IGTV?

Anyone. All you have to do is upload your own IGTV video to the app to start your own channel at any time. Your shows are served to your friends and to people who share your interests.

How To Use It:

Just as simple as turning on the TV, “IGTV” turns on as soon as you open the app by clicking the new IGTV icon right next to your DM, or you can download the IGTV app. All videos should be shot vertical, as it’s the way you naturally use your phone. Videos can be up to an hour in length.

Shows that have been created by people you already follow, and people who are relevant to your interests, will start playing automatically. You can swipe to discover more content creator channels and you can toggle between content that is “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” 

Why We Like It: 

Here at Qnary we are focused on empowering the voice of the professional. We work with business leaders to help them tell their professional story, and often to tell the story of their business or organization. IGTV is another vehicle to storytell to an interested audience. 

In today’s world, anyone can be a content creator; this of course takes time and resources, but it can be well worth it to promote your message. Instagram is made to visually tell individual stories both personally and professionally, and IGTV is an extension of this.

People are looking and expecting more authentic and “behind-the-scenes” content of people, brands, or organizations they are interested in. Content that feels authentic, transparent and real is critical. IGTV is another vehicle to help people connect with targeted and relevant audiences.

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