Qnary Product Update: Groups are now a thing

The Qnary dev team continues to push forward with amazing new features. Last month we rolled out publishing for Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, which is AWESOME. We actually held off on announcing to not take attention away from the Phish Baker's Dozen run. We are fans and would have felt bad if all of the world's attention was on Qnary's publishing technology. Anyway, the Qnary platform now manages the entire content process from creation and editing to scheduling and publishing. This also means we will be able to capture advanced metrics and analytics for all of the content being shared through our platform. Now that the run is over we feel comfortable telling the world about latest release, Qnary Groups.

The Heck is Qnary Groups?

It's just our latest amazing feature on the Qnary platform. Group management provides the functionality and flexibility to activate small teams, large teams, even an entire organization. Not only does it move us closer to a fully realized Enterprise solution, it also delivers a much more flexible and scalable solution for organizations of all shapes and sizes. So now you are saying to yourself, this sounds amazing but what does this mean?

Groups allows teams to deliver and receive content seamlessly

Instead of one to one relationship for content delivery, Groups provides a one to many relationship for content distribution. The diagram below shows how this new feature works. 

Content is created based on categories set for the organization. Teams within each organization select one or many categories and each member of the team received the category based content for which they signed up.

Content is created based on categories set for the organization. Teams within each organization select one or many categories and each member of the team received the category based content for which they signed up.

This is a big deal because it allows companies to extend thought leadership across the entire organization, provides a simple yet powerful distribution workflow for company news, and serves as a desirable personal branding benefit to employees and team members. It's an infinitely scalable content distribution technology solution for organizations of all sizes. With our new Groups feature, not only will senior leaders be able to build influence and highlight their expertise but everyone within the organization can build thought leadership and establish the entire organization as experts within their industry.

How does it work

The new Groups functionality is extremely simple to use for everyone involved. As a manager of admin it's a simple as clicking a few buttons to create groups and send content. Just create the Group and start entering member names. Since the groups are part of your organization they will automagically appear when you begin typing the name. Removing members is as simple as clicking the x and poof, they are gone.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.52.51 AM.png

Once the members have been added just click on the New Content link to open the content creation screen and begin adding content. Select the social network for which you are creating content, select a category, add the content, choose whether you want to publish immediately upon approval or schedule a day and time, and click send. That's it. All of the members of that group will receive a notification on their mobile device and they can then approve, reject or edit content. Once approved it will automatically be published at the scheduled time (or immediately if publish on approval was selected)

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 10.59.49 AM.png

That's it. While extremely powerful the Groups functionality is a simple and easy to use process for everyone on your team.

Benefits for the entire organization

This new feature delivers a number of benefits for your entire organization, each activated team, and the individual employees who are participating.

The organization will benefit by:

  • Achieving expanded distribution and reach of company content
  • Highlighting the great things internal teams are doing
  • Establishing individual employees as experts in their industry and areas of focus
  • Highlighting the company as a great place to work and helping you attract and retain top talent
  • Enhancing business development efforts through the authority and trust built by an activated team

Teams will benefit by:

  • Gaining increased exposure, internally and externally, for the great work they are doing
  • Building awareness of their work among industry peers and trade media
  • Establishing themselves as desirable teams for top talent to join

Employees will benefit by:

  • Creating an always on social media presence focused on their area of expertise
  • Highlighting domain expertise amongst industry peers and media
  • Establishing themselves as influencers in their industry
  • Engaging and developing relationships with potential partners, clients, event organizers, and media

Yes, it's as AMAZING as it sounds

So now you are out of your mind with excitement and itching to get access to this amazing new feature. Maybe you are not sure how you can get your hands on this big hairy bit of software awesomesauce that you need right now. 

Not to worry Groups will be available to everyone. if you are currently a Qnary client, reach out to your account manager and they can tell you all about it. If you are not using our platform, just hit us up here and we can tell you all about it. It will change your world.