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When we started Qnary 5 years ago, we began with a simple premise: people are important. Whether a sole proprietor, a small medical practice, a senior executive at a huge organization or just a dude, people are the power behind social media. Businesses and brands may be the lens through which the industry views social media, but it's human connection that holds everything together. Hence, our goal was and still is to give the people the tools to navigate and thrive in this seemingly complex and ever-changing environment. We set out to give the power back to the people and it's been amazing to see it take shape and become reality.

Humans Crave Personal Connections

People have an innate need to connect with other people. It's a core part of what makes us human- we are social creatures. We want to hear what others are thinking and share our thoughts to create meaningful bonds. This human connection is the essence of social media. It's why brands are so keen on participating in the medium. In the end, we all know that brands are there for one thing, and it's not to make meaningful's all about the 💰💰💰💰💰. Sure, some brands are really doing it right with social media and creating meaningful interactions with their consumers, often serving as an amalgam of customer service, HR, and PR. But in general, brands are on social media for business. While there is nothing wrong with that, the value gained through social media becomes harder to achieve as more people are waking up to this fact that their feed is inundated with commercial content. That's why Facebook's algorithms continue to evolve to lessen the visibility of brand content to ensure we are connecting with real people. Brands have a place but people want to connect with people.

Qnary Returns the Power to the People

Our premise has evolved but has not changed. We still believe that people are what matters in social media and your people are how others view your brand. Building a successful social media effort should not be solely focused on the brand strategy. Your leaders, executives, and employees should be a core part of any social efforts. Your partners, customers, and employees want to hear from your people. When your people share their expertise and unique experiences it humanizes your company and creates more meaningful connections with the audience you are trying to reach. Establishing thought-leadership not only improves the status of the people within your organization, it also highlights your company as a place made up of really smart people. Smart companies are waking up to this new (old) reality and it will improve their business and make social media a more interesting and better place.



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