Students: Four Reasons Why Your Social Media Matters Now

College students are probably the most in tune and active with social media and popular culture. Engrained into their everyday life, social media has become an ordinary tool for younger generations. Ironically, this population tends to misuse the Internet the most. Your personal brand is most recognizable by your digital identity. Invest in your future by building your brand now -- one carefully crafted tweet at a time. Establish a social media strategy – a strategy that will in turn, propel your career. Here are four reasons why your social media matters now:

  • Online Networking Opportunities are Endless

Social media networks are unique from traditional networks. Offline networks are contextual – bound by time, space, and location, whereas online networks are limitless and constantly evolving. If you miss an offline networking event, chances are, you missed an opportunity. Miss a late night post on social media? No problem. You can revisit and engage at your best convenience.

  • Social Media is the New Resume.

Students – If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile already, it’s already too late. The truth of the matter is that resumes are losing their value as LinkedIn is gaining more ground. If you are not paying attention to the details, then potential employers might not be paying much attention to you. That being said, you need to maintain some sense of personality on your social channels. Too polished? Social recruiters will notice that and question your authenticity. It’s all about balance. Maintain your professionalism, but throw in some personality. If Jimmy Fallon is tweeting about #TheDress, so should you.

  • “What Happens on Twitter, Stays on Twitter” – is a Myth.

This statement used to be relatively true. Given enough time, tweets would shift down Twitter timelines, losing their relevance and search-ability. Complaining about your professor online, tweeting derogatory language, or posting pictures at 3AM from a frat party is not going to resonate well with potential employees. The Twitter-Google Partnership just made your tweets that much more visible in search results. A useful exercise to implement: imagine that each of your tweets automatically gets sent to the President of your college. Thinking about changing your twitter strategy now?

  • Your Voice Matters -- Share it!

Social networks have given ordinary people the power and necessary means to shape the way knowledge, opinions and ideas circulate. Embrace your innovations, share your insights and become an influencer. The earlier you adopt this mindset the better. Before you know it, you’ll be a thought leader.

The Bottom Line: Establish a social media strategy, share your voice and most importantly…don’t forgot about your personality.