Qnary Birds: Out of the Nest And Into Digital Discussions

A bird needs to leave the nest every so often. In our case, some of the Qnary team will be straying from the nest to attend invigorating events and stimulating speaking engagements. Here, we will outline the events we are looking forward to in the coming month.

Social Media Week: Hosted by NYUSocial Media Week (SMW) is a leading news platform and worldwide conference that curates and shares the best ideas, innovations, and insights. Exploring how social media and technology have collided, SMW focuses on how these interconnected worlds are altering business, relationships, and culture at the personal, local, and global levels.

The global theme of 2015 is Upwardly Mobile: The Rise of the Connected Class, and it looks at the consequences of a connected world, aiming to re-imagine the way people engage, work, and create. This poses a dynamic question: How can increased connectivity, help humans benefit?

Qnary’s founder and CEO Bant Breen will be joining the discussion at New York University’s adaption of Social Media Week on February 19th. Breen will share his top strategies and predictions of what’s trending and what’s to come in social media.

Brand U Events Building upon the success of the inaugural BRAND U Summit held this past fall, the company will launch its second event, BRAND U Silicon Valley on February 26th-27th at the LinkedIn Headquarters.

Breen will join the stellar roster of speakers at the next BRAND U Event. At this stimulating conference, major influencers will gather to help rising corporate leaders advance their careers by discussing the ins and outs of cultivating both professional and personal brands.

BRAND U provides attendees: - Tools, information, and guidance from experts that can be implemented immediately to accelerate careers - Coaching and training that includes internal communications and career mapping - Online reputation audits and profile development guidance - Access to start-ups with products to solve challenges

A throwback to the first BRAND U event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmFu_8kxTyU&feature=youtu.be

What rising stars in your organization would be a good fit to attend BRAND U Silicon Valley? Reach out to us!