How To Achieve Authentic Employee Advocacy

Need a new marketing strategy? Your best bet is just a cubicle away. Step away from the traditional branding mentality and turn to your team for the simplest solution: employee advocacy.  

Content shared by employees is seen as a trustworthy recommendation compared to corporate messaging. Employees, after all, are ordinary people who possess personal networks. When you look at it this way, it seems silly not to utilize these connections.

Why not use the voices of the individuals who care deeply about your company? Try these three tips to inspire your team to become top brand ambassadors.

Empower Them

How will your employees benefit from engaging with your brand on social platforms? It’s not just about drilling into your employees that they reflect your brand, it’s also about giving employees a reason to engage in the larger business community. To foster social advocates, help them connect to the broader objectives of the company.

Promote Personal Branding

Convince your team how powerful it is to have a strong social media presence at the individual level. How do they benefit from cultivating a personal brand? They could become thought leaders and influencers in the digital world. They may be able to earn free registration at conferences or guest speaking engagements to further their personal brands.

Make it Competitive

Employee advocacy is not attainable unless people are willing to contribute. No one can resist a competition — try offering employees unique incentives that build your company culture. This strategy is a bit more time-consuming, but the benefits are two-fold: employees are happy, companies are happy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving staff a reason to get involved. How does employee advocacy play out in your company? Reach out to us on Twitter @Qnary with your feedback.

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