Facebook at Work Comes at an Optimal Time: A Teaser of the Enterprise Platform

Facebook at Work, the social network’s much-anticipated release, launched to a limited audience on Wednesday. The new app is expected to be available for iOS and Android, but will only be open to companies that have joined Facebook’s pilot program.

This enterprise platform will operate separately from traditional Facebook accounts, making Facebook at Work accounts inaccessible to those outside of the company. The new platform, however, will retain similar features including a News Feed, groups, messaging and events. By retaining these features, Facebook hopes to encourage employees to connect, interact and engage with others. With social media’s growing role in communication, especially at the professional level, we think Facebook at Work is coming at an optimal time.

Things get sticky though when you consider potential complications like data protection, hypothetical ad-support and privacy issues — all of which Facebook has not yet addressed. The company is also entering an already crowded market with tools like Yammer, LinkedIn and Slack, making it is easy to dismiss Facebook at Work as a prospective competitor in the enterprise social platform world.

Where Facebook at Work flourishes is in its collaborative capabilities within a universally recognizable system — everyone is familiar with this platform and its features. Its design has become intuitive to users around the world too, making it an-already proven internal communication instrument.

That’s why, we believe that despite potential complications, Facebook at Work can renovate the way employees engage.