Yearly Review: Top 5 Social Media Fails of 2015

By Nasr Kamar - Editorial

Everyone has done something they regret in 2015. Whether it’s saying something embarrassing like Hillary Clinton’s quick freudian slip, or doing something extreme like when the mayor of Glendale, Arizona agreed to be tased by a disgruntled constituent. The true beauty of human error came to a head with the advent of Social Media. Unfortunately for those with many followers, a brief mental lapse is never forgotten, because what happens on Twitter...stays on Google forever.

5. Don’t Believe Everything You Read

    One of the great things about social media is the ability anyone has to discuss topics and gain follows in advocating for changes that need to be made when problems arise. However, as with Jack Warner’s case, you can find someone doing it wrong.

This Ex-FIFA VP took to Youtube to post a video in which he rants about the bidding war for the FIFA World Cup. This is completely normal. But here’s the catch—Mr. Warner was complaining about how after the United States lost the 2022 bid to Qatar, FIFA awarded them the 2015 competition. How could this be? The U.S. isn't hosting the World Cup—there isn’t even a World Cup competition in 2015. Ah, yes because it isn't true! The Ex-VP read this in an article from a satirical news source, The Onion. Remember: don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Especially when it's from the most popular purveyor of faux news.

4. He’s Making A Tweet. He’s Checking It Twice

    Companies can post a single piece of content on multiple platforms to gain interest and interaction with brands and products. In this case, Blackberry’s official Twitter account released a tweet promoting its Twitter app on Blackberry devices.

An understated feature of this app is a little receipt on the end of each tweet which notifies viewers what type of mobile device the tweet was sent from. Blackberry’s Social media team seemed to be completely unaware of this. When they fired off the tweet announcing the app on the new devices, it was accompanied by the brief statement “via Twitter for iPhone”. I guess the company makes phones that not even their own staff would want to use.

3. Candidate for Minnesota Legislature Tweets Empathy For ISIS

    Minnesota House of Representatives hopeful, Dan Kimmel, tweeted that ISIS was not necessarily evil and members were just doing what they thought was best for their community. While his remarks were not intended to be in support of the terrorist group, they didn’t sit well with his constituents. He promptly withdrew from the race after the post.

2. Florida Woman Gets Herself Arrested By Broadcasting Herself Driving Drunk

    A 23-year old from Lakeland used social media app Periscope to livestream herself while intoxicated behind the wheel. Viewers called police, who arrested her after she failed a sobriety test. This girl really shot herself in the foot.

1. Coca-Cola duped to referencing Mein Kampf

    In efforts to make social media and the Internet a better place, Coca-Cola sought to decrease the amount of negativity by populating the digital cosmos with positivity. Thus, they created the #MakeitHappy campaign where a happy image created with ASCII Art characters would be tweeted to any negative posts with the hashtag. A Gawker Editorial Labs Director helped build the bot for the automated tweet system-but there was some ill will to his help with the project.

    The director, Adam Pash, designed the automated tweeter to create these images with lines of characters. However, the characters were arranged to form quotes from Hitler’s Autobiography, “Mein Kampf”. Coke immediately removed all tweets created.

There’s never a shortage of social media fails. Maybe next year, people will adopt our Holiday inspired motto in The Nest: "He's making a tweet. He's checking it twice."



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